The Pearson Family

My name is Daniel Pearson and along with my wonderful wife Tiara, and our four children, we are missionaries to Cincinnati, Ohio.  Our road to become missionaries started when the Lord called me into the ministry in 2014.  During these early years, God blessed us with being discipled by Pastor Duncan and Faith Baptist Church from 2013 and 2018.  

In April of 2018 the Lord placed a burden and passion on my heart for the people Kennedy Heights (the community I live in). My community has many churches but no church sound in truth, or actively desiring God to save sinners.  We desire to start the Lord’s church in Kennedy Heights so that we can become a beacon of hope.  To accomplish this mission, the Lord moved my family and I to the Winton Place Baptist Church.   

We have already witnessed God moving in our community through preaching the Gospel and excited to see our next chapter in the process.  

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Daniel Pearson, 

Missionary to Kennedy Heights!