Thank you for your interest in attending Columbia Christian Academy! Below, you will find information and forms necessary to become a student.

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The registration process includes a completing the application, agreeing with the school policies, an interview with the school administration, tour of the school and if transferring from a school with a different curriculum, taking a diagnistic test.

Registration Packet:

  1. pdf CCA Application (41 KB)
  2. pdf Re Enrollment Form 2018-2019 (44 KB)
  3. pdf Student Information (30 KB)
  4. pdf Medication Authorization Forms (31 KB)
  5. pdf Parental agreement 18-19 (51 KB)
  6. pdf Contractual Agreement (33 KB)
  7. pdf Payment Plan Option 2018-2019 (30 KB)
  8. pdf Standard of conduct (44 KB)
  9. pdf Student Record Release (42 KB)
  10. pdf Authorization for Administration of Medication (23 KB)

Tuition info

Tuition for Columbia Christian Academy is $1300 per student for the first three students from any family/household. Additional students from the same family will have their tuition discounted 100%; however, they will need to pay a $200 book fee. Parents can choose to pay the $200 in full at the beginning of year or pay $20 in monthly installments per child. 

Columbia Christian Academy offers two modes of payment:

  1. 1. A 10-month payment plan. Payment is due by the 10th of each month beginning in September. Payments made past the 10th of the month are subject to a $5.00 late payment fee per tuition block, unless proper arrangements have been made with the Columbia Christian Academy Administrator.      
  1. 2. An upfront payment of the full tuition of $1300 per student will be accepted by September 10th.


K-1stGrade uses ABEKA: Abeka is a thoroughly Christian, traditional program that emphasizes biblical character building through their rigorous textbooks.

2nd-12thGrade uses Accelerated Christian Education (ACE): ACE curriculum has Scripture as its foundation, fully integrating biblical principles, wisdom, and character-building concepts into education. Students move at their own speed through the self-instructional "PACE" workbooks. Following the mastery approach, PACEs are formatted for students to complete the exercises found throughout the workbook, take a "self-test," and conclude with a "final test" to measure understanding.

School Schedule

Hours: 8:30-2:30

K-12th: Monday-Thursday. Friday is home study day.


Bus transportation is available through your local school district. 

Parents will need to contact their local school district’s transportation department. 

Local rules apply within each district.

Transportation form

School Handbook

pdf CCA Handbook 2017-2018 (261 KB)