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From The Pastor's Study

January 2022

Habakkuk 1:1 The burden which Habakkuk the prophet did see.

Habakkuk was a prophet to Judah and a contemporary of Jeremiah and Ezekiel. No one knows when Habakkuk began his ministry as a prophet. However, based upon Habakkuk's burden and the promised judgment coming for Judah, it seems likely that his ministry began after the death of King Josiah.

King Josiah was the last good king Judah had. After his death, Judah would depart from the Lord without returning until after the destruction of Jerusalem and seventy-year captivity.

The book starts with a burden that Habakkuk did see. The question that I asked myself as I read verse one was: "why did Habakkuk see something that caused him to have a burden?" Even though there is not much information on Habakkuk, and his book is relatively short (Just three chapters), there are at least two clear answers to the question.

First, Habakkuk had a conversant relationship with God. In the Book of Habakkuk, he initiates each conversation with God. By reading the book, we can develop the character and nature of Habakkuk's conversations with God. As we do this, a narrative becomes clear why Habakkuk was conversant with God.

His dialogue with God points us to three views Habakkuk had of God that caused him to continue conversing with God.

Habakkuk's talks with God came from a heart of need. Habakkuk undoubtedly knew that God was the answer to Judah's plight of wickedness.

He believed that God had the power to transform Judah from darkness to light and from wickedness to righteousness.

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