Isaiah 6:1-6

We have federal elections every two years. With each election, politicians make promises to fix the problems with America. Yet, no matter how much legislation politicians pass or money spent, we seem to still have enormous problems. Legislation and/or money cannot fix America’s problem. We spend billions of dollars on education, law enforcement, welfare and military every year. This money has allowed us to invest in better buildings, more programs, and hiring additional people to help meet the enormous needs. Still, we are reminded by politicians every two years, regardless of how much money spent, how there new plan and additional money will fix the broken system. The truth is no amount of money, energy or plans will fix America. What is ailing America is not social needs, crime, budgetary problems or foreign threats. These are manifestations of the real problem plaguing America. We need to see God high and lifted up, in His holiness and glory.

The problem with America is we do not view ourselves accountable to a holy God. He does not have a prominent place in our homes, schools, places of employment, hobbies or down time. We have successfully excluded God from our daily lives. In fact, more and more people see God as part of the problem with society, instead of the solution. What has exacerbated this false notion is Christians are not living up to their name. We have excluded God from the daily grind of life. We do not have any time to spend with God, or do not have confidence in God answering our prayers, or He is to blame for some of our problems. Ultimately, we have put too much stock in secularism’s philosophy and works to be a difference maker for the Kingdom of God. If we love this nation and are patriots, willing to die for our country then submission and surrender to the King of glory must happen!

This is exactly where Isaiah found himself. A Kingdom in transition, turmoil and loads of trouble. Isaiah wanted hope for a Kingdom spiraling out of control. God gave him the answer he needed for hope. The answer was radical and breathtaking. Isaiah did not realize he was part of the problem until he saw God’s holiness and glory. Christian, the problem is not the Democrats, Republicans or the Supreme Court. The problem is us! When was the last time you witnessed, by faith, the awesome holiness and indescribable glory of God? This is critical if we are to be a part of the solution.

Notice the two responses of Isaiah when he saw the holiness and glory of God.

He confessed his sin. His confession of sin was not mechanical or routine. Isaiah was broken over his sin. He said “Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people with unclean lips.” The word “woe” carries the idea of a person who is broken before God, crying our for help. He cried our for help because his eyes saw “the King, the Lord of hosts,” and in seeing this, he knew without question he was undone. His confession was not blaming others for him being undone. In fact, when he said “I dwell in the midst of a people with unclean lips” was not to blame them for his unclean lips; rather, to say, “I have become part of the problem and not the solution.” Brothers and Sisters, the fix for our nation is not securing the second amendment; rather, being broken over our sin and crying out to God for forgiveness.

He committed himself to the service of the Lord. Confession of sin is empty without actions. Not only did Isaiah confess his sins but he surrendered to do the Lord’s will. He said “Here am I; send me.” We must be willing to be servants for the Lord! Do His bidding, whatever and however long this may be. Isaiah asked the Lord how long should I preach the message of repentance. The Lord’s answer was “until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate, and the Lord had removed men far away.” In other words, be committed to the Lord until the end. Be resolved not to give up, cave in or compromise. Stay true to the message until there is no one else to preach to. Regardless of the results, do not give up.